TropiDog brand educates on how to keep your dog young and healthy for longer

As a pet food manufacturer, TropiDog feels responsible not only for producing food that meets the needs of each species, but also for educating pet owners on how to take care of their animals wisely.


In 2019 TropiDog brand (dry dog food) focused on increasing awareness and sharing knowledge about how to keep the dog in optimal physical and mental condition throughout all of its life.

In July they launched their youtube channel “TropiDog tips” hosted by an expert and dog breeder with many years of experience, who shows how to take care of the dog in a wise and responsible way. Each episode is full of practical tips to make life easier not only for dog owners but also for the dogs themselves. Apart from behavioral issues and preventive healthcare they are particularly interested in maintaining the health and condition of mature dogs. That’s why they decided to organise 1st National Conference dedicated to dog coaches, behaviourists, animal physiotherapists and body workers, animal scientists, nutritionists and many other people from the pet care segment. The main subject of the conference is "How to keep your dog young and vital for longer". To share the knowledge about improving the health of dogs in an old age, they have also published a special e-book "Senior Dogs Handbook”, which can be downloaded free from the website senior.tropidog.pl. It contains articles by various dog experts on how to keep the mature dog healthy.


Continuing Educator Training Program