19 October, 2023

GAPFA Guidance on Dog and Cat Food Nutrition Guidelines

For the health and wellbeing of dogs and cats around the world, all complete and balanced pet food should be nutritionally adequate and appropriate for its described and intended use/purpose, as well as meeting the appropriate local regulatory/legislative requirements. Extensive work and research has already been done by several groups (principally AAFCO and FEDIAF) in developing entire nutritional guidelines for making nutritionally adequate, complete and balanced pet foods. GAPFA supports the recognition of and use of the AAFCO and FEDIAF nutrition guidelines. Whether following AAFCO, FEDIAF or an alternative set of internationally recognized, scientific based nutrition guidelines, the guidelines should be considered in their entirety and used as a whole, because each guidelines was based on a specific set of scientific assumptions. 


Highlights of the GAPFA Technical Congress and Annual Meetings 2023