Adopted with heart, fed with Royal Canin

"Adopted with heart, fed with Royal Canin" is a program that allows to make a better world for pets. Royal Canin, as a responsible brand, realizes its mission every day, thanks to which the fate of cats and dogs is always in the first place.


In Poland, over 100,000 cats and dogs go to shelters every year. Thanks to cooperation with nearly 50 shelters, Royal Canin can support responsible adoptions. But it is not everything. They know that education is one of the most important elements that lead to responsible adoptions and thus to reducing homelessness. That is why since May 2019 Royal Canin support, educate, share knowledge and experience with new pet owners and shelters. Only within this time they have supported over 6,000 adoptions, they had several meetings in shelters, they have donated over 1,800 kilograms of pet food and actively participated in open days in many shelters.

They have created starter kits, thanks to which every adopted cat or dog gets food for the first few days in a new home, and the new pet owner gets a guidebook, created by veterinarians and behaviorist, which allows an easier adaptation process in a new home. Thanks to issued started kits, they can transfer free food to shelters, reach new pet owners and reduce the homelessness of cats and dogs in Poland.

However, this is just the beginning of their journey. They have an ambitious goal that new shelters will join their program and that the well-being of cats and dogs improves every day.



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